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Janties and neon bike shorts everywhere

Festival season has officially begun, and Coachella is the first one for the season. You know what that means – it’s time for a proper festival style.
Last year, the flower crowns have passed, and the crystals, gems, and glitter ruled the festivals supreme, but what will be the major fashion and gadgets for this year’s festival goers?

According to Lyst, janties. You know, janties. Jean panties. Extremely short denim shorts.

The style came to our attention thanks to Lyst’s £235 pair, but when you actually think about it, the denim underwear have been a long time coming. Last year we saw some shorts that shows a large portion of the bum cheek. It’s only natural that hemlines would go for it further, and we would eventually go for a whole full-on thong effect and style.

And really, where else would you wear the janties? Only a festival feels like the most appropriate option that comes to mind.

As part of their festival style, fashion and trend prediction, Lyst assume that the virality of the Janties could mean they’ll pop up all over the Coachella festival, whether in the form of the real £235 deal or maybe a DIY version of jeans tucked away above the thigh. Don’t panic if a denim shorties isn’t quite your thing, though, as Lyst has also assumed some other trend predictions.
Alongside Janties, anyone going to a festival (or even going through the #Coachella tag on the Insta.) will spot a nostalgic pieces, embellished detail, not so pretty shoes, and outdated retro hats.

To be more specific, the style will lend itself to a super-bright neon, a tie-dye, and a biker shorts, sometimes all in one! very attention-grabbing package…

In terms of improvement, keep an eye out this season for sequins, shells, and metallics. Lyst reports that the queries for sequin bathing suits are up by 76% over the last month, while men are going for the ASOS Jacket with Cut and Sew Sequins, with a 108% increase in queries over the last month.

And of course, the chunky, ugly shoes remain top sellers, especially for those that are looking for comfortable shoes. Searches for rubber sandals are on the raise, along with trainers. Cowboy boots are also raising popularity, thanks to the Yeehaw agenda.

For headwear, expect mostly for these bucket hats. Lots those of bucket hats.

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