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What is the Best Bag for You?


What makes the perfect bag for you? First of all, you should ask yourself, what are you? Are you an IT geek, business person, busy mom or a modern young lady? Your lifestyle depicts the type of the bag you should go with. Let’s find out what are the best options for you.

IT Guru with a Laptop Bag

You are an IT professional you’ve just bought a pro new laptop, or maybe your old one has so much valuable data on it that the thought of it breaking is a nightmare. If this sounds like you then you may want to look for a laptop bag. The best laptop bags make carrying your stuff a total ease during your commute. The best laptop bags are watertight, portable and  travel-friendly, but spacious enough to store all of your essentials.

Briefcase for a Business Person

The briefcase continues to play a significant role in the business man’s wardrobe over history.  When it comes to storage space, the briefcase offers plenty. The interior organization pockets are great for storing vital documents such as passport, or other items that need to be safe and easy to find. Made to offer durability and stability for men so it makes it easy to carry by hand when boarding a plane.

Traveler with a Backpack

We can assure you that finding the right travel backpack makes all the difference in the world! No doubt that backpacks give you much greater mobility. Did you arrive earlier than your hotel check-in hours? No problem, just take your pack around with you for the day – no need to stop by and drop your luggage off. You can breeze through airports. You’ll never stand around a luggage carousel after a long flight again. And as long as your backpack is hand luggage size compliant, you’ll never ever lose your luggage. Mobility at its finest.


Tote Bag for Active Moms

Tote bags are medium size bags that have flexible walls, therefore, it makes them easy to use on days where you have more on your plate. It’s perfect for replacing the usual plastic grocery shopping bag. And we’d definitely recommend considering a tote bag for travel to your bag collection. One more important note is, that most tote bags are designed to carry a laptop and notebook, as well as everything you might need for work.

Young Modern Guy or Girl with a CrossBody

If you have an active lifestyle studying at the uni or commuting to work, you might look for a crossbody so your hands are free during your journey. Whether you’re splashing out on one of the luxury brands bags or looking for a budget version, a crossbody bag is a capsule wardrobe necessity.

We hope you found an answer to your question and you will be able to find that one and only perfect bag you were always looking for! The best selection of the bags can be found at Aspinal of London and Michael Kors DE. Whether you need a business bag, tote, crossbody or travel bag they have everything for you. Check them out today!

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