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Watch, Calc, Play – Casio

Brief Casio Background

Casio Electronics Limited is an arm of Casio Computer Company based in the UK. Their Computer Company is a multinational electronics company that has its headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Casio Computer Company was established in 1946 by four brothers. In 1957, they launched their all-electric calculator. Since then, they’ve been one of the leading calculator providers with different scientific, theoretical, and graphical calculators!



Products and Services

Casio UK deals with consumer electronics, musical instruments, timepieces, calculators, projectors, mobile technology, etc.

They launched their home musical keyboard in the 1980s which became renowned. They later released their award-winning Grand Hybrid Piano which does two jobs. It sounds like an acoustic and digital piano. They are also into the manufacturing of watches. They produce both analogue and digital watches. They first started with quartz watches and then grew as the centuries unfolds. They also started selling timepieces around that time. Their projectors have maximum brightness and have a great connection.



Over the years, their electronics have changed lives and helped others achieve their objectives faster. They make life easier, better, and faster.

From 1975 till date, Casio has changed lives and produced easy to use products for their customers. They do research and provide up to date products for their customers

Their vision is simply 2C, which stands for Creativity Bd Contribution. This vision is portrayed through their products and employees.



Follow out next article about our editor’s Casio UK top picks just for you! Or, go on their website and pick up your favorite product!

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