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Virgin Balloon Flights

About Virgin Balloon Flights

 Have you been looking for an amazing airborne experience? Then look no further, because Virgin Balloon Flights is your number 1 company and the best choice in the UK and beyond.

They have a motto called, “Take Life Higher.” Truly, they’ve lived up to that motto. They not only strive to give you a higher life, but they also want you to have an unforgettable exciting experience while flying.



Virgin Balloon Flights was launched in 1994 by sir Richard Branson. They are currently located at Telford, Shropshire, UK, and have flown more than a million passengers in British.

The passengers are flown in Red or white balloons that have the logo of Virgin Group at the side. They own and run the largest passenger balloon carrier in the United Kingdom. They are also the largest balloon fleet in the United Kingdom.

They have more than 100 exhilarating launch sites for the balloons across the UK, Wales, Scotland, etc.



Products and services

There are different balloons available for trips or relaxation at different price ranges. It all depends on what you want. Aside from the balloon services, they also give gift offers for Christmas and other occasions. You can as well enjoy it while you are on the flight. It can come in the form of wines, special gifts, etc.



Now, you can take your flight to the next level. With Virgin Balloon Flights, you will get exciting experiences, whether for vacation, business trip, or whatsoever.


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