Top Item Ideas To Decorate Your Home

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When trying to improve or refresh your home decorations, you can get to a point where you begin to wonder ‘what else can I do here?’. You have maxed out the logical number of photos you want to display, and have more scented candles than your local neighborhood boutique, so what other home decorations or items can you use to decorate your house to make it feel like your real home?

It is a real struggle that many people have experienced at least one time, probably more, which is why we gathered this list of the top items to decorate and refresh your home. Whenever we have an arrangement that is lacking or a room that is looking a bit messy, we refer back to this list to get some inspiration on what else we can use in the available space.

We hope this list of ideas and items will help you next time you will have a decorator’s block – We highly recommend you to use your ‘save’ the image function to your Pinterest or share it on Facebook so you can find it when you need it!


1. Wall Pieces And Prints

Many times when decorating, our main focus is on what’s on the floor and doesn’t give the much needed attention to our walls. With the very high range of affordable wall pieces on the market now, you can find a large masterpiece that looks fabulous without breaking you bank savings account. We share our list of the best places to buy affordable artwork online here.

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2. Clock Everywhere

A wall-mounted clock can be a beautiful decoration piece – even if we can check the time on just about every device these days! Look for one that blends in with your interior style and colors, whether that’s coastal, industrial, contemporary or anything else. If you are not sure what is your needed style, take our fun and free interior style quiz here.

3. Table Or Floor Standing lamps

We often dwell on about the importance of our home lighting, and not just relying on our ceiling lights to illuminate the entire home. Floor and table lighting cast softer light and reduce dark shadows in our home – and they of course can be a decoration piece in their own right!

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4. Cushions Are Super

If you ask us, there is not a better way to get bang for upgrade when decorating your home than by simply refreshing over your cushions. They are a great way to introduce and blend a new color palette into a room or add more texture to it. Our main tip – switch the regular foam cushion inserts over to feather inserts for a more deluxe look and improved comfort!

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5. Scented Candles

You know how much we love candles, so this item was definitely going to be on our decor list! Candles can add ambiance to a home in a magical way only a few other decoration pieces can, because it also works on our sense of smell as well as our sight. Look for candles that are made from soy wax and or natural fragrances to avoid inhaling toxins when you are in your home.

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6. Rugs – Soft, Warm, Defining

Rugs can serve many uses in a home – they define areas, add warmth feeling and can make a hard flooring soft and cozy. Even more, when you use a rug with a bold color or patterns, they can be like an art-piece to a room. Picking a rug isn’t always easy, which is why you need to decide what colors and sizes you want, to narrow the many options available.

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Stay tuned for part 2!

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