Top Item Ideas To Decorate Your Home – No.2

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When trying to improve or refresh your home decorations, you can get to a situation where you begin to wonder ‘what else can I do here?’. You have maxed out the logical number of photos you want to display, and have more scented candles than your local neighborhood boutique, so what other home decorations or items can you use to decorate your house to make it feel like your real home? – Part 2 !

7. Vases

From glass or ceramic, to metal or concrete, there is no shortage in material options of vases on the market these days! Depending on it’s size and style, your vase can look amazing as a stand alone item (such as an over-sized vase filled with different branches) or work into a styled and beautiful arrangement.

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8. Art

There is something so very special about having a one-off a kind or a limited edition piece of original art piece in our home. Knowing the intentions and meanings behind an art piece or about the artist who created it can add to the unique story of your home and engage curiosity. Whether it is a painting, sculpture, glass-work or anything else, we always recommend investing in a special art piece.

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9. Books

You can add to that homely feel by displaying your interests and favorite topics with your books. Books look great in a wooden bookshelf (obviously!), on a coffee table or a bedside table, and just about any other main or side surface area you can think of. Our must check store for the best books is The Book Depository, with free worldwide shipping and over 20 million books collection.

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10. Mirrors

Get some light around it or create the illusion of a bigger space with a strategically placed big mirror. Naomi shares how you can put to good use mirrors in your home to attract the desired energy of abundance and calmness in this article all about how to incorporate elements of Feng Shui into your home.

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11. Indoor plants

There is no such thing as too many plants – indoor or outdoor (a fact), but today we will talk about indoors. And there’s never been a better range of stylish vessels to display your indoor plants!

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12. Photo frames

Framing your photos or printing them onto canvas material adds personality and warmth to your home and is a perfect way of putting your happiest family memories on display. But there it is an art of doing it without exaggerating, check out our tips here.

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Stay tuned for part No.3!

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