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Top 5 Women’s Accessories to Wear on a Date


If you feel like you want to wear accessories and could improve your accessories game, we are here to help.

Purse or handbag: Handbags are one of the most noticeable accessories a woman can wear, thus, making it one of the most significant ones. They show a status that expresses your personality and your success. If it’s in good state, not too small not too big, and fits well with the rest of the outfit, it’s enough. You would probably go with a smaller crossbody or clutch bag, that holds your essentials.

Jewelry: You don’t want something too extravagant, neither too simple. You want to show that you care.  Start with adding a ring, a pair of earrings or a necklace to look quick and easy. You can choose your jewelry depending on where you are going on a date. Make sure is an appropriate place, don’t wear a diamond necklace to McDonald’s.

date jewelry

Watches: Classy wristwatches never go out of style and are form of self-expression. The style of the watch tells other people a lot about your lifestyle. Minimalist designs, clean colors (white, black, gold, silver), solid metals, leather watchband are the things you can opt for.

Scarves: You can effortlessly throw a scarf on with your fav pair of jeans and a t-shirt or blazer, and you look instantly more stylish. Scarves can be tied around your neck or the waist as a belt. They can be turned into a head band or knotted to the hand bag!

Belts: Most essential belt accessories simply add personality and elevate your outfit. Belts are like a magic trick – they slim you down and add a unique look to whatever you’re wearing.

Go through your closet and choose your favorite accessories to express yourself going on a first date. You will feel much more comfortable, and be able to focus on the things that matter during your date – like getting to know your new guy! If you are in a search of quality stylish jewelry or watches, we highly recommend checking out Christ AT and Bronzallure IT stores. You will be amazed by the selection and quality of jewelry and watches these brand offer. Check them out today!

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