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This is style – YesStyle!


YesStyle is a subsidiary of YesAsia Holdings Limited established in 1977 by Mr Joshua Lau and  Priscilla Chu.
They are the first fashion online website where you can get renowned apparel products and fashion clothes in Asia.
YesAsia has over 20 years of E-Commerce experience, over 4.7 million customers, and over 3 million social media followers. Their online retailer headquarters is located in Hong Kong.
As of the end of 2020, they generated a revenue of 41.9% from the United States alone and 24.6% from Europe.

Products and services

YesStyle have made it a tradition to introduce monthly latest fashion updates and at least 1 thousand fashion clothing and accessories to their customers across the world.
They have an active customer rate review of products and communication through websites and social media platforms. They also have established local product teams in different Asian countries which are South Korea, Japan, as well as Hong Kong.
YesStyle seeks to give essential products and services to customers within and outside Asia. Customers are treated with respect and in an honorable manner. They seek to go after excellence in obtaining goals. They’ve also received several awards, including the major one in 2013.

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