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The Skills Network – not familiar with that amazing home learning network? Go ahead to our brand overview article to get acquainted!



AAT Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping

This certificate will equip your accounting skills as well as give you a globally recognized certificate. This course is a practical course from real-life examples.

You get to study in your leisure time and also become a professional and authorized bookkeeping expert under the AATQB. Aside from the quality of the course, you also get to study with one of the best online learning platforms. Learning AAT with skillshare is one experience you don’t want to miss.



This deepening course runs for 13 months. The initial deposit is £75, while the monthly payment is £51.93 for the rest of the course!


Business Essentials

This business course is divided into three different aspects.

Workplace Awareness

This section will help you to understand why equality and diversity are important at your place of work. Of course, the safety and welfare of the workforce are also considered. It will also help you to understand how to do regular cleaning and control infection at the workplace.

Personal Health

You will be taught the benefits of a healthy workplace and workforce. This looks at certain areas like how diets can affect the health (physical and mental) and morale of employees

Customer Service

You will be taught how to work as a team effectively thereby, increasing your customer service skills. You will also be taught how to lead a team effectively.


You can get this thorough course for just £75!



Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management

This course will teach you how to lead, manage, organize, and motivate your team. You will be taught skills like skills induction, stress management, discipline, etc. This course will equip you to become a successful leader and manager. Before you apply for this course, you must be a leader or manager.


It is a 7-month program. Your initial deposit is £55. While the monthly payment is £70.57.

Have you learned with The Skills Network already? Comment below and let us know which course and about your experience!

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