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The Skills Network Overview

The Skills Network – Brief Background

The Skills Network is one of the best and convenient online resource platforms for learning that skill you’ve always wanted to…

About The Skills Network

The Network (TSN) was established on the 4th of March 2009 by Mick Cox and Eliot Grant. The Skills Network is the best UK brand that makes learning accessible to all.
It has its headquarters at 10-16 Abbey Court, Benedict Drive, Selby, North Yorkshire YO8 8RY United kingdom.

The Skills Network are known and credited for the capability of making distance learning possible. They give the perfect way to up-skill, strengthen your knowledge and improve your career in your chosen subject areas.



Products and Services

The Network provides learning in areas such as; Soft skill learning (e.g communication skills), health and social care, leadership and management, etc.

Their courses are some of the best and have been taken by millions of students all over the world.




Their vision is to be the best E-learning platform for quality courses, scholarship/fully funded courses, and job opportunities.


The Skills Network has made its courses an easy one to grab. There are 3 easy ways to enroll, which are;

  • Search anyone of your desired courses.
  • Pay online using any of the flexible methods available.
  • An authorization email will be sent to you, Login, and that’s all.



To ensure that there’s is something for everyone they also offer a range of totally free courses!

Want to further learn with The Skills Network top (paid) courses? Go Ahead to our recommendations article!

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