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The Secret Gardening Club

Brief Secret Gardening Club Background

Selling natural and high-quality plants and using them to make secondary needs like soaps, oils, etc, is a valuable venture. Knowing full well how the world is going, the Secret Gardening Club is here to provide you with High-quality plants both in plants and in daily need.



About The Secret Gardening Club

The Secret Gardening Club is a generational business that is located in North Yorkshire, UK. They grow natural and high-quality plants in their lavender farmland and sell them both in plant and product form.

The company was birthed by a North Yorkshire farmer that grows Lavender. It started when they started selling their overstocked plants to their regular garden customers.
The idea of low-cost high-quality plants was accepted by many people so they sold a lot. Having realized that, they partnered with several plant farms and offered discounts on every plant they could find. They started small but now, they have over 90,000 members in the club.



Becoming a member of The Secret Gardening Club is wonderful because you will get the same plant you will get from the direct grower at 70% off
Now, every week they inform their members of the different species of plants they have at affordable prices.



Products and Services

Aside from joining the club which is a plus for you if you sell plants or you love plants, they also sell products like soaps, oils, spray, etc.
You can either join the club or buy their natural and high-quality products or both.


The Secret Gardening Club has a HUGE verity of products. Hard to choose? Go over to our Editor’s Best Sellers Picks article!

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