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Office Gadgets That Your Office Needs No.2

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It is so very easy to love and cherish different office gadgets that can enhance your and your colleagues productivity, are fun to play with, and can also have many positive effect that could make the office time a little more comfortable and fun. Many gadgets are very useful for making your everyday office life more convenient (and for making your boss happy!), and some of them are downright ingenious. – Part 2 (Here is Part 1 in case you have missed it)

So, back to our top office gadgets list:

6. Waterproof Washable Keyboards

Liquid spills are an issue that you cannot fix, but, with waterproof and washable keyboards, you won’t be leaving your employee or colleague to a forever-sticky keyboard after a small accident.
There are several waterproof washable keyboards in the market, but Logitech’s product is a great option. It is durable, and can even be soaked in water and dish soap when a full cup of tea goes tumbling directly on top of it.

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7. Smart Pen

It may seem like we are a bit exaggerating with all of these office gadgets in 2021 if we have even got smart pens as luxury office items, but listen to me; sometimes, having such a simple item that is so incredibly useful can go a long way and help you out when needed.
The ‘Beyond Ink’ Pen is a smart pen that is acting as a pen, although it can also act as tablet-friendly pointer, 16 Giga on his memory drive, and a phone cable. It is made from stainless steel and brass, and it comes with a built in battery to help you charge your devices. You can bring it with you to any place and you will be set; just make sure that none of your clients accidentally takes it with him as he walks off with it.

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8. High-Tech Memos Board

Paper memos are often being neglected, lost, and are also wasteful and potentially costly overtime. Instead of relying on the older generation’s paper memos that just get thrown away to the trash, opt-in for a high-tech memos board, like this LCD writing tablet.
Place this tablet in your office break room, kitchen, or other highly occupied areas to distribute messages. Share information about upcoming office events, big announcements, or quotes of the day.

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9. Cable Organizers

Nothing can stress out a Type A person more than walking into an office to see many cluttered and unorganized desks full of tangled-up wires and cords. Cable organizers like these are affordable, can be bought in bulk amounts, and will allow your team to have a neat, clutter-free, tangle-free workspace.
Count on us when we say these little desk accessories can go a long way in office organization.

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10. Warming Coffee Mug

Managers are often needed in too many directions, meaning that their hot beverage can get cold and pretty stale before they can even get to savor their morning pick-me-up. This self-warming coffee mug will prevent that situations from happening, keeping their drinks hot so they can start the day in the right way.

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There are too many cool office gadgets and desk accessories in 2021 that it can be difficult to choose from all of the product available in the market these days; even limiting this list to only 10 was a real challenge. That being said, each of these products are sure to be the favorites of your team, as they are useful and  also fun to use. What more can you ask for?

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