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My Protein – Your Gain

Myprotein is a company that provides sports nutrition products like protein powder, high-protein foods, snack alternatives, and vitamins. They also sell top-quality performance clothing for athletes.
They believe that people of all ages and genders should be empowered to believe in their fitness potential. Because of this belief, Myprotein is passionate about providing athletes with the fuel they need to reach their goals.


Oliver Cookson, a resident of the U.K., founded Myprotein in 2004. From there, it rapidly grew into the multinational company it is today. In 2007, the company received the Young Company of the Year award at the Growing Business Awards.
The Hut Group acquired the company in June 2011. From there, the U.K.-based company expanded its production to a facility in the United States, which created 350 new jobs in a Kentucky community. In their decade and a half of business, they’ve expanded their product lines and branched into over seventy countries.

Myprotein Today

Although the company started in the U.K. and keeps a home base in New York City, Myprotein offers products in over 70 countries. Their staff, athletes, and ambassadors work tirelessly to provide nutrition products for athletes.
Myprotein creates all its products in-house. This allows the company to reduce costs and pass those savings on to their loyal customers. All of their products are carefully tested for quality, ensuring the safest and highest-quality sports nutrition products.
On top of this, Myprotein works toward the improvement of animal welfare and the reduction of carbon emissions. They constantly work toward the sustainable creation of their products by using biodegradable and recycled materials during production.



Products & Services

Their products fall into three primary categories: nutrition, clothing, and accessories. Myprotein’s nutrition products are the driving product behind their brand. They offer a wide range of protein powders, snacks, supplements, and more. These nutritional products help athletes meet their goals.
They offer dietary solutions to fit a number of diets: vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free. This allows athletes with special dietary concerns to find a safe place to order sports nutrition products.
Myprotein also sells clothing and accessories. Their clothing helps athletes remain comfortable and fashionable while investing in their fitness goals. The accessories section of their site includes things like bags, backpacks, bottles, shakers, meal prep containers, and more.


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