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MoonPig – Brilliant Gifts In A Few Clicks

About MoonPig

Moonpig is an online company with head offices located in London and Guernsey. The business of the company is usually the sale of personalized cards, flowers and gifts.

The brand has continuously developed and has a wide range of greeting cards, excellent gifts, beautiful and vibrant bouquets. You just have to want it, then Moonpig will deliver beyond your expectation. With the combination of the latest technology, and a fun app Moonpig has made sending a greeting card an easier thing to do.



The founder of the company is Nick Jenkins and named the company after his nickname which he bears while in school.



In 2000 when Moonpig was launched, the same year the dot-com bubble was collapsing, therefore making progress initially was very difficult. Things got better until Jenkins decide to take investment from private investors and venture capital. In addition, with the presence of broadband and digital camera and awareness by mouth, the sale skyrocketed and they made their first profit in 2005.



From thousands of custom and pre-made designs, choose the one that best suits you and your loved ones. Moonpig has a technology that you can use as a reminder for special occasions, then you can choose the card based on your preference. There are additional designs every day, so irrespective of the occasion or the design that you want, Moonpig will always have something for you!


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