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Men’s Stylish Accessories That Will Be In Style Forever

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No decent outfit is complete without the little things. They are what ketchup sauce is to hot-dog, butter to bread, a milk to a coffee. You get the idea. But sometimes it is hard to know just how good an investment on any of these stylish accouterments might turn out to be (especially for you – piano key tie and bottle opener belt buckle). Fortunately, history has made some of the research, trial and error a pretty easy steps; because if it did look good 35 years ago, and it looks good also now, most chances are it will look good in the next 50 years to come. These are the men’s stylish accessories that will be in style probably forever.


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Classic Sunglasses

There are only a few things a man more favors than the pair of his sunglasses. Flattering, practical, and a very helping hand for hiding dark circles in tough days; glasses make up images of golden-age movie stars like Steve McQueen at a flick of a hinge. It is telling that the most popular styles had a little change over the decades. Aviators, Wayfarers and Club-masters are all time-honored staples that fit many different face shapes. While twists on these stalwarts are more than wanted, the overwhelming conception is that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Because of the fact that a decent pair of sunglasses will probably be around for life, don’t be afraid to make them an investment piece, and reach for the higher quality pairs. Just be sure to maximize their longevity by keeping everything classic, solid, and understated with either black or tortoiseshell frames and brown, black, or dark green, and other dark shades lenses.

A Men’s Leather Wallet

While paying for a pint of beer is now as easy as the swipe of a smartwatch, The billfold wallet remains a stylish accessory even today. It certainly says something about the billfold wallet. Practical, molded to the contours of what it holds and ages to perfection over time, a leather wallet is an accessory that will do its work long after the world has stopped accepting cash. It is for the reason that many men choose to have their notes embossed with their name initials; a move that defines intentions to keep it for life, even if whatever is inside it doesn’t make it to the end of the day.

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Stainless Steel Watches

The understated, mellow, no-nonsense brother of the gold watch, a stainless steel watch has the ability not only to last one lifetime, but actually several lifetimes if handed down from father to son. The material that is used for gun making also, is as flattering as it is durable. It is also equally in place with a suit and tie as it is a shirt and a pair of chinos combination. Even 50 years from now, when there will be a clock interface embedded into your contact lenses and a calendar built into most retinas, a truly stylish men will still look to their steeled wrist when someone would ask for the time.


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Leather Belt

A good and elegant belt does more than just hold your trousers up – it also holds your look together. Whether if you are a tall men that much-needed a divider between the top and bottom parts on an outfit or a subtle compliment to leather Derbies, a decent cowhide belt will stay long after other accessories will go out of style. Choose brown, black, or the better – one of each, and always go for the best of quality you can afford. This accessory will be holstering your trousers for many years to come, and you wouldn’t want to be uncomfortable by a crumbling imitation number. Subtle, classic buckles in unprocessed metallic colors will also get the better out of you.

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