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Maplin – Your First-To-Go Electronics Retailer

Brief Maplin UK Background

Over the years, science and technology have formulated various tools and processes to simplify our lives. Imagine a world with television sets or PC units, entertainment and information dissemination will be at a restricted pace. We cannot overemphasize the importance and effect of electronics and appliances on our routinal lives. These electronics are products of science, manufactured to bring ease to living in factories, sold, and retailed down to the final consumers. While we commend the efforts of producers, we also take note of the efforts of other links in the chain, especially retailers.

The electronics industry has a consumer market worth £551 billion, and this roughly translates to the good business that it is. But if goods must be produced and supplied, then the quality has to be guaranteed, to avoid mishaps. One company that has lived up to its vision is Maplin Online.



About Maplin Electronics

Maplin Online, formerly Maplin Electronics Ltd., is an online retailer of electronic goods in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was founded in 1976 as an extensive mail-order business by Roger Allen, Sandra Allen and Doug Simmons; but it gradually moved into stores, consequently becoming an online retailer in 2018 after a name change and rebrand.

Before the start of the rebrand in 2018, the company boasted over 200 stores and retail outlets, serving as a physical retail conglomerate. Seeing how things have turned following the COVID-19 pandemic, we wouldn’t say their transition into the online space was a bad move. In 2018, Maplin Electronics Ltd ceased operations — shutting down their website as well as numerous stores; resulting in the risk of a loss of 2,500 jobs. Later that same year, a prodigy was born with the name, Digital First Retail Ltd, but this new company still traded under Maplin. The website was reopened, but stores remained closed, a typically swift exchange.



Over the years, Maplin has been a beacon for the electronic consumer market, representing quality. And we can say that is created to solve the problem of low-quality electronic components and goods, Maplin has lived up to expectations with its attention to qualitative electronics.


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