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Manière De Voir Redefines Street Fashion

Manière De Voir – For those who doesn’t know ‘Manière De Voir‘ fashion and back story, here is a short and sweet review about it.

MDV Clothing’s main backstory is pretty much just about Reece Wabara, a former England U20 and Manchester City Footballer. Back in 2014, Wabara got together with two of his good friends who were starting to take the fashion world by storm. And of course, what sounds like it is too good to be true, turned out as really good. A very simple investigation shows the “two friends” are Benjamin Francis and Lewis Morgan; the guys behind Gymshark the UK fitness clothing brand.

Reece and Lewis are old neighborhood friends that grew up together in Bromsgrove in Worcestershire. It was Morgan who suggested Warbara should start a brand as his sporting career gave him access to a lot of celebrity influencers like Anthony Joshua and Raheem Sterling (who was wearing a lot of streetwear brands). It was a perfect match for a start-up brand to link influencers with all the operational know-how on how to drive it forward.

Indeed Lewis Morgan listed himself as co-founder on LinkedIn of both brands, and Reece Wabara’s Wikipedia page lists him as the owner of the Maniere De Voir Clothing brand.

And as expected from a sportsman, Reece knew how good could be a smart, comfortable and high quality tracksuit. And he naturally desired to be the best, which meant he wanted to source only the best modern materials.

Interestingly, Manière De Voir clothing went down the same path as Couture on stockists, meaning you can only buy the brand on their website and not in other stores. This is a tactic that does not rely on retailer promotion and usually requires a high marketing budget but for a bigger reward.



Style & Prices

The ‘Manière De Voir‘ clothing line has a very innovative design, with affordable prices, which takes the attention in the retail market well. Reece wants to be the leader of the market for multi-gender fashion, and they are on their way to succeeding in that goal. There are not many brands like Maniere de Voir, who effortlessly combine sports and luxury with style.

Reece can look to the success of fellow ex-pro footballer Marvin Morgan of Fresh Ego Kid, but MDV clothing is a serious player in the luxe streetwear market and are arguably the most fast-forward of the urban brands out there.



We’d say they excel in the small and delicate details. The bold designs are “too much” stylish, which require confidence to pull off. Although we can’t all look as good as the models. Talking of which, who are the female models? When they launched they used Ruby Mae, the Boss model is well known as the girlfriend of Dele Alli (english footballer). More recently they have used Ming Savannah of Nemesis models who has been the face since 2017.


We are inviting you to take a look on Maniere de Voir‘s Newest collection (+ they got a Cyber Monday crazy up tp 70% off!)



Comment below and tell us which of Maniere de Voir‘s Newest collection you found to be best!

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