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Lycamobile Brand Review 2022: Is It a Really Good Deal for You?


Wondering if Lycamobile is the network for you? Read on our full overview as we highlighted all you need to know about Lycamobile.

Lycamobile UK Limited is an operator of a mobile network located in London. The company was launched in 2006 and specializes in cheap international and national calls from mobiles offering great price rates and a wide choice of plans. Lycamobile is now also expanding into such services as Lycaflyand, Lycamoney, Lycalotto, and more.

What does LycaMobile offer?

The operator utilizes coverage from the O2 network, implying you’ll get 99% population coverage of O2’s 2G, 3G, 4G as well as 5G mobile networks.

Lycamobile Sim plans.  LycaMobile provides different types of plans UK Plan Mega Plus, Go Unlimited, UK Plan Super Extra, National Plan Extra, and more. Customers are now able to buy 50GB of data, limitless calls and texts, and 100 international minutes. You have various options to choose from.


Lycamobile’s main benefits:

  • Exclusive international call offers and International roaming rates;
  • Ongoing discount offers;
  • Phones & Devices;
  • No contract or credit check;
  • Affordable SIM cards;
  • Keep your phone number;
  • Speedy Top-up Online;
  • Bring your own phone;
  • Free limitless calls and texts, and data;
  • Multilingual customer service via phone.

Features & Bonuses

Unlimited International Calls.  It is one of the best and cheapest mobile carriers if your aim is to make budget international calls on a regular basis. You can buy a 30-day bundle with international phone calls to 41 destinations.


Roaming. This is possible through Lycamobile’s inclusive international roaming service.  If you’re traveling to an EU or EEA area, you can use your plan allowances without extra commission.

Lycamobile 5G. All their plans now cover 5G, implying that you can get the fastest speeds available. O2 and Lyca’s 5G is available at your disposal in 164 UK cities. According to Opensignal’s January 2022 analysis results, Lycamobile’s 5G provider O2’s average 5G download speeds are approx 150Mbps.


Lycamobile is an amazing variant to communicate with your loved ones and friends anywhere in the world. The network’s main goal is to offer SIM-only deals while offering a reliable 4G and 5G service. Mind that for the best value usage, it’s always best to buy your plan via the website. Choose your plan today!




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