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Lavish Alice Fashion At Its Best

About Lavish Alice

Lavish Alice UK is a modern label that was co-founded some years ago (2013) by Lee Bloor and Matthew Lucian. The brand was created the year they graduated from Manchester at the age of 22 years. It is an internally renowned brand dealing with women wear and they are based in Manchester, UK. Lavish Alice is one of the fastest-growing brands delivering luxury, quality, and excellent craftsmanship in the fashion industry.



The brand has experienced sustainable growth ever since its establishment in 2013. Early 2019, the duo launched Selfridges’ spring 2019 collection of 50 pieces at Exchange Square in Manchester. In 2021, they franchised five stores across the Middle East, with one in Lebanon and Dubai and the other three in Saudi Arabia. Lavish Alice revolutionizes ready-to-wear female dresses by creating from a whole new perspective while offering a new and unique blend of femininity with a contemporary edge.



Lavish Alice gained more attention from the public when celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Ashley Graham, Eva Longoria, and others wore their dresses.

They have an excellent in-house design team who are adept when it comes to designing a dress that ensures the wearer has the best feeling while moving in them. They understand the purpose, function of each dress and how they can utilize their understanding of composition and form to create the best dress. The design possesses excellent attention to detail while drawing their inspirations from couture designs and this has helped them produce beautifully crafted pieces.

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