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Lavish Alice Editors’ Best Picks

Lavish Alice – for those who are not familiar (somehow) with Lavish Alice‘s fabulous products and brand, here is an Overview about Lavish Alice!

Lace trim drape corset midi dress in emerald green

With a perfect combination of Polyester and Elastane, the corset midi dress is a nice addition to your wardrobe. This midi from Lavish Alice represents luxury, modern style, and also beauty specially made to adorn your beautiful body. It is perfect for an evening outing and you can simply match it with your most preferred heels and gold accessories. Without any doubt, this dress will make you a cynosure of eyes in any event.



You can get it for $145!


Lace-up corset blazer jumpsuit in black

What does being different from the rest means to you?

`It means being exceptional and different from people, with this jumpsuit you are in for an outstanding experience. The black lace-up jumpsuit features a corset waist, making it perfect for different outings. The dress is perfect for winter glam as it features statement cuff sleeves and excellently tailored trousers. Pairing it with your gold accessories will do the magic and you will be happy you own this.



You can get it for $230!


Lace up corset blazer dress in chocolate

The best experience comes with having the best things. And this is exactly what you get with this corset blazer from Lavish Alice. The tailor-cut is excellent with long sleeves and perfect corsetry to hold the waist. You can pair it with classic heels for a ‘chic’ experience.



You can get it for $230!


Let us know in the comments below which Lavish Alice UK product is your favorite!

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