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Knomo’s Super Sale!

Knomo London Bags – for those who are not familiar (somehow) with Knomo’s fabulous products and brand, here is an Overview about Knomo!


Cromwell Roll Top Laptop Backpack is an exclusive bag you can use to carry your bag. It has a thermoplastic waterproof welded construction, secure, roll-top style, organized interior and a waterproofing polymer that is resistant to rain and external fluid.
It also has a front pocket with a rain flap to hold travel cards, charging cables and other belongings you would like to take with you.



Cromwell Roll Top Laptop Backpack goes for a discounted price of just £99.00!




The Amesbury is the premium solution to a Busy Life on the go. It has a classic and spacious case that you use to keep documents and other work-related properties.  You can even use it for business journeys, presentations, and many other things. It also has a magnetic back pocket for additional storage!
It comes in brown and silver hardware and has a double compartment that you can use to keep your laptop.



Get it for £379.00 only!




Novello Roll-Top laptop computer backpack is your bag you would think of when going to work, conferences, business meetings, presentations, etc.
It is like a house for packing your clothes, shoes and anything you want to take along with you. It also has a separate holder for your umbrella too.



It is available in black navy and black hardware colors. You can get it for £199.00 today. Get yours now.


Let us know your favorite Knomo’s products in the comments below!

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