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Knomo London – Bags That Work

Knomo – Bags are an essential part of fashion. Asides the fact that they help in keeping essential belongings, they also complement your dress.

Just like clothes, bags vary in colors, sizes, and designs. This means you can get a perfect/complementary bag for any of your dresses. The bag industry is a $15.2 billion industry and has hundreds of thousands of companies producing different designer and corporate bags.




Knomo is a company based in London that designs, manufactures, and sells any kind of bag you need. It was established in the UK, London in December 2004 and has grown its influence to over 40 countries. That is, its product is currently sold in over countries.

Knomo creates bags and accessories that are beautiful, outstanding and distinctive. They have a mission to produce the most effective full-grain leathers and premium materials, paired with strictly custom hardware for folks that prefer the extraordinary in life.

A lot goes into the design of their bags because they want to create smart bags that complement their customer’s dresses and make them stand out.




Knomo is into the production of handbags, laptop bags, briefcases, backpacks, business bags, totes, etc.
They have the perfect bag that suits your needs. Whether it is a designer bag, corporate bag, school bag, or whatever you need.

As a veteran with over 16 years of experience in the bag industry, they know exactly what you need. Patronizing them is surely an investment in yourself.


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