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Just Hype Editor’s Picks

Just Hype – not familiar with JustHype somehow? Go ahead to our Brand Overview Article to get acquainted!


Kids Black Pullover Hoodie

This pullover hoodie is a unisex hoodie that gives your kids a unique and comfortable look. It comes in half-zip, quarter-zip and full-zip designs.
It comes in black colour with a white inscription of HYPE at the front.



You can get it for only £19.32!


Navy Blue Women’s Lightweight Puffer Jacket

Hype collection of women’s lightweight puffer jackets is a must-have for you.
It is very suitable to use during winter as it keeps you warm and regulates your body temperature. It is also easy to wear and makes you feel more comfortable.



You can get it for only £39.86!


Rainbow Dolphin Lunch Bag

The Hype lunch bag is a multi-functional lunch bag that conveys your lunch box alongside other eatable items. It also has a space where you can put your bottled water.
This lunch bag comes in Rainbow colour with a dolphin drawn on it. It can be used by men, women, kids and students.



Get it for just £17.51!


Purple Scene Metal Reusable Bottle 500ml

The Hype Scene Metal Reusable Bottle is a purple durable bottle that keeps your water chilled for several hours. It is airtight and saves you extra cash. That is, you don’t have to buy disposable bottles. The hype metal reusable is all you need for a full hydrated day.



You can get it for only £17.51. Get your bottle now.



Just Hype will plant a tree for every order placed on their site! Go on and help them to save our planet!

Let us know which of Just Hype’s products is your favorite for this season in the comment below!

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