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Jones Bootmaker Is Not Making Only Boots

About Jones Bootmaker

Jones Bootmaker is a UK based footwear retailer having a total of forty-two retail outlets across the United Kingdom. The founders of the company are Alfred & Emma Jones, in 1857, they opened a store in Bayswater, London. Jones was one of the first individuals to install electric lighting for retail buildings. Out of their eleven sons, nine became apprentices and later store owners.



The company objective is to supply ready-made shoes in three widths.  After opening their first London store 160 years ago, they introduced people to a world of excellent craftmanship. And every shoe they made is a legacy of a story that began in Bayswater, London, in 1857.



After World War II, the company expanded, including a warehouse in Eastbourne, renovating existing stores and opening new branches. The growth of Jones ’retail business is more than just the production in their factory; In 1955, the company joined a group called Church. The “City Bootmaker” store opened in Manchester in 1994, and in 1996, the company started trading under the Jones Bootmaker name.



From casual classics to formal footwear, Jones Bootmaker has all you need. Every detail is determined, from the materials to the construction and then to the finishing stage. Their shoe collections break the rules as they offer footwear that is beyond the regular. With Jones, you will never be out of trend.


Go ahead to the Jones Bootmaker website and choose your quality footwear today!
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