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Jewelry For Everyone From Jon Richard

Jon Richard Brief Background

Diamond, silver, gold, zirconia, and all other precious, alloyed and fabricated stones you must have seen complementing people’s couture are all bound by one word, Jewellery.
Jewellery has been part of fashion for decades and in recent times, it has been accepted as part of clothing. Almost every lady wears jewellery on their clothing. Known for its brilliance and shimmer, jewellery has added a sparkle to the modern-day dress code, be it a bracelet used as a status symbol or iced-out chokers worn by rappers.
Jon Richard, a UK feminine jewellery company is one of those to have capitalized on this.



About Jon Richard

Jon Richard, headquartered in Manchester, England, is a company dedicated to availing affordable jewellery and accessories that accentuate feminine styling and retain the prevalent fashion trend. It was founded in 1985 by Malcolm Stark and Sarah Frew. Today, they have established over 100 jewellery stores all over the United Kingdom, securely clinching its share of the market.

Jon Richard centers on producing female jewellery that is fashion-forward, and they have achieved this with their various brand collections including Simply Silver, Mood, etc. They have also ventured into the bridal scenes, providing elegant accessories for conjugal events. All this has been achieved with great attention to the pockets of the market.



As fashion trends roll by, Jon Richard strives to attain sheer elegance and excellence even after 3 decades, ensuring that shoppers stay glamorous.

It can be a perfect gift for every occasion! Browse Jon Richard latest collection now!

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