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How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

how to jeans top shop compare

It is well known that a man wears his jeans for just about every event – from championship wins (or losses) and first dates to casual Fridays with the family and hanging with his friends. A pair of high quality jeans is a clothe a man can always count on. Every pair of jeans should fit like it was hand made just for him. So we arranged a meeting with Nico Peyrache, the VP of the denim design department at Lucky Brand, to find out how you can spot the perfect fit, every time.


how to jeans top shop compare


1. Your Body Type Is Nothing To Worry About

Although women needs to think about amplifying (or disguising) their curves, men can look great in just about any of the denim fits today. “The choice should be less focused around your body type and more about the end use of the jeans,” says Peyrache. Instead, think about actual use of the jeans. A more classy fit can be for different relaxed activities, while a more tailored cut can fit to a dress-up for more formal event.

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2. Your Size Is Smaller Then What You Think

A tight waistband can be pretty uncomfortable—but a jeans that its waistband is too loose will probably mess up your entire look, resulting an emphasis of all the wrong places. “As much as women have the tendency to wear their jeans in a too small size, men usually wear theirs too big,” says Peyrache. Next time you get to the dressing room, ask for a one size smaller than what you normally would take, and then, once you have them on you, do the finger check: You shouldn’t be able to fit more than two fingers in the jeans waistband while you wear it.

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3. Try Skinny Jeans, You Will Be Surprised

Many men stumble when they hear the words “skinny” and “jeans” in the same sentence, one after the other. But this style isn’t just for models, Russell Brand, or advertising directors – the everyday Joe can take a tighter-fitting jeans and make then work with the right cut. “A skinnier fit is more refined and sophisticated,” says Peyrache. If you are a classic loose-jean or boot-cut kind of guy, keep your eyes out for a straight or slim legging, rather than skinny.

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4. Always Check The Pockets

Too much detail can get you some attention to potential “problem areas” (butt or gut for example). Look for a cleaner thread pattern on the jeans pockets. Also, make sure that they are not too large or too long – these types of long or large pockets could make you look like you have saggy gluts.

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5. Be Flexible

Most jeans have a very insignificant amount (usually 2%) of elasticity to them which allows the denim to stretch a bit and to be comfortable. For a type of jeans that you could wear the entire day, check it’s label for fabric blends that include linen or elastic like spandex, Lycra, etc. It will give life to your slacks and allow for extra movement and comfort ability.

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6. Dark Is Best

Whether you wear your jeans just for the everyday, or for a late-night clubbing, dark denim is a safe investment for day-to-night transition—with a nice shirt and a tie change. If you are looking to invest only in one pair of jeans, you should look for a dark denim.

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7. Dare to experiment

A common mistake: Bright colors and jean cuffing are only for men in mansions with yachts. This is a misconception! The spring and summer months are a great time to slightly develop your style. Use the beach as a perfect excuse to fold up your jeans and slip on a pair of boat shoes – it states that you are totally ready for a vacation. Own that look and the women will love the fact that you took an opportunity to try something new. Also, cuffed jeans makes your legs look longer, says Peyrache, so you will probably look taller and leaner.

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