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How can I motivate myself to exercise during the winter?

motivate cold exercise

How to motivate yourself to exercise during the cold winter? 

Dark mornings and evenings, and cold and wet weather make everyone feel asleep! In order to keep improving your fitness, it is important to stay consistent. The best and longest-lasting results happen when people exercise regularly throughout the entire year – not just in intensive bursts leading up to summer holidays or special events. Try to keep in mind the long-term benefits of staying active all year round, which should give you some motivation to keep going.

motivate cold exercise

Accountability is another way to stay motivated. Many clients often say that one of the most beneficial ways to stay motivated is having a personal trainer and being accountable to someone – you will know your trainer waiting and you would not want to let him down! But if your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a personal trainer, see whether you can find a workout buddy, then write your sessions in your long term diary and stick to them as you would with a personal trainer session or an important meeting. Knowing you have someone to exercise with, but also someone who is depending on you too, will make you much less likely to skip your workout.

One of the major benefits of almost every form of exercise is that it helps to boost your blood flow and it’s circulation, so you can also think of your workouts as personal central heating system for the winter! Whether it’s yoga, swimming, running, weight-lifting, or a dance class, they’ll all increase your BPM and will help you stay warm, even when it’s very cold outside!

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