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French Fashion In Every House – La Redoute

For the ones that are not familiar with ‘La Redoute’ – a leading French fashion and home-ware ecommerce company.

La Redoute’s DNA and promise is ‘To open the doors for women everywhere to French home and fashion, and invite her to experience the bright side of life’.

La Redoute is 180 years old company, which always kept on a good contact and relationship with its various costumers world wide.
The creative teams of La Redoute are responsible for more than 70% of their company’s output. They have brought together some of the most recognized and established stylists and provide unfailing support to our young design teams.
Since 1837, La Redoute has been making its mark on society by keeping in step with the times: making French style accessible to the greater population, honoring the place of women in society, encouraging responsible consumerism, upholding the values of society and the environment all while championing social innovation.

These days, La Redoute weaves bonds between more than 10 million customers in France and worldwide, creating more than 70% of its collections in-house, and generating a business volume of €875 million in 2019. Learn all about La Redoute’s activities in five minutes:

International activities represent around a quarter of overall turnover for La Redoute.

The development of international activities relies on three main strands: subsidiaries, the website and partnerships.

La Redoute itself is present in six countries: the United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal and Spain. These subsidiaries target their respective national markets, taking into account specific local requirements and using the resources and global strategy of the brand.

The international launch of La Redoute Intérieurs in 2015 represents an excellent opportunity for all these countries. This development, which has started with the marketing of ‘small transportable goods’ is the first step.

We invite you to browse the newest collection of La Redoute on their web site –

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