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Fragrance Direct – care about your beauty

Brief Background about beauty products

For ages, women have always depended on beauty products to bring out and complement their beauty. As far back as 4,000 BC when the Egyptians used a beauty product called Kohl to create dramatic eyes, which is for attraction and attention. And this evolved to a multi-billion dollar industry with an estimated worth of $511 Billion.
Fragrance Direct, having seen the beauty industry evolve for over 27 years, has all it takes to make your face more attractive and make you look like a model.



About Fragrance Direct

Just like Pretty Little Thing, Fragrance Direct is one of the biggest beauty retailers in the United Kingdom (UK). They currently supply over 14,000 products to big brands within and outside the UK.
Fragrance Direct was established in 1993 in the UK focusing only on fragrance related products like perfumes, cosmetics, roll on, etc. That’s the muse behind the brand’s name: Fragrance Direct. They were progressing gradually selling only Fragrance related products, but it was never enough. Staying confined there won’t help them to serve more customers like you.
So, after listening to their customers and much preparedness, they launched full out into the beauty niche. They aim to provide you with any need or want concerning beauty. That is, it’s your only shop for all your beauty needs.



Beauty Product

Fragrance Direct is your bus stop to anything related to women’s beauty. They deal in healthcare essentials, skincare, different types of fragrances, makeup, and several beauty products.

What do you need? Is it trend related beauty products, classical beauty products, or any beauty related product? Whatever beauty product you need is in Fragrance Direct. You also get beauty brands like Paco Rabanne, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and a host of others. And the beauty is that you can order your beauty product online.



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