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Brief FoodHub Background

Food has remained quintessentially indispensable to human existence. Being the main source of energy and nutrients to humans, whether derived from plants or animals, food has been the main sustenance of man since inception; and that probably won’t ever change.
Due to advancements in technology and civilization, people have evolved from homemade dishes to online fast-foods. And millions of people have embraced ordering foods online, resulting in the market’s exponential rise; and many companies have struck gold from it. Notable among them is the UK-based company, Foodhub.



About Foodhub

Founded in 2008 by Ardian Mula and Mohammed Shakil, Foodhub is an IT product company that offers online food ordering services. The company aims at helping its customers save stress while getting the best value for their takeaways.
Dubbed UK’s third-largest food ordering company in 2020 and 4th fastest growing tech company, Foodhub has grown into a large SaaS technology company over 13 years, and they don’t have plans of stalling their growth yet as they have announced plans to ply their trade in other locations including the US, Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.
Foodhub has listed many takeaway locations on its website and mobile app to facilitate quick delivery and retain the freshness of food. And due to its low cost, restaurants are more eager to partner with them for more reach and sales.
This is because Foodhub, unlike its competitors, made a revolutionary move by not charging restaurants commissions for orders made on their sites. Rather, they charge flat monthly fees, thereby reducing the cost of meals online. We can well say that move paid off because, with its quick delivery service and seemingly low listing and delivery costs.



If you want to get your food with speed, then choose Foodhub!

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