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Exciting Lessons: How Living Abroad Makes You Free and Fearless


Living abroad gives you the license to be adventurous and to experience living a different way from how you’re used to living. It makes living inside your comfort zone impossible. Risks are much scarier for those living in a society that spends its days at a desk or on a commute, but living abroad can give you a much broader perspective of what living is all about.

Think for Yourself and Become Creative

You think for yourself and become creative about your survival when you come to a new country where you don’t speak the language.

For example, your booked reservation isn’t available anymore, your flight is canceled, the train is delayed, or the person who was supposed to pick you up at the station doesn’t show up. You must act quickly to come up with a solution. Even if you have an alternative plan B already thought-out that will only serve as emergency plan C. It happens many times that things didn’t go as planned—they went much worse than planned.

Always Out of Your Comfort Zone

When living in another country, you have to come up with a strategy so that you won’t experience any fear. Living abroad is living out of your comfort zone. It’s living life on the road, living with no stability, living in precarious situations, without knowing what will happen each day. You are always living in a state of perpetual uncertainty.

You need to do the following things when living abroad: keep meeting new people, learn how to get adjusted, find out what are the best places for food/shopping/entertainment, prioritize sleep, stay active, stay informed. If living abroad is already something of a challenge for some people, it becomes even more challenging if living alone. A lot of people perceive living abroad as being safe however they can never predict what would happen next. What they are most afraid of living abroad are the unexpected things that could happen. If living alone is what you really want, then it might be a good idea to lose fear.

Whether you live in another country for work or study, living with your family, or living on your own, you will still have to make some adjustments. You need to change your mindset first before starting anything new. You need to learn how to adapt quickly without having too many difficulties adjusting because every place will not be like yours. Most importantly, planning ahead can help solve most problems that usually come up when living abroad.

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Become Fearless and Start Life Anytime, Anywhere

Imagine a life where you have no fear anymore. You can tell yourself: I fear no person, fear of losing my job, fear of being alone.

As a freelancer, you can control your own destiny and determine when, where, and with whom you work or talk to people. You work from home, so you have fewer distractions from people around you at work as well as more savings on your commute costs. There is also the advantage that there are always 24 hours within one day – something that never changes is the time. And as long as you prepare for possible scenarios in advance then it’ll be alright too.

Live your life to full potential and you feel alive every day

Here are some key ways to live your life to the fullest:

  1. Live an adventurous lifestyle: Be brave and start somewhere. It does not have to be perfect. It’s about having a strategy and making it happen, not waiting for perfection.
  2. Find out what you love: Experiment with your interests and figure out what you like best in life through new experiences that excite you and bring new lessons into your life every day.
  3. Learn from other people: Allow yourself some time each day to learn from another person; whether it is someone who inspires you or someone who has done something you want to do, take this time during your daily routine and make it a habit before going on with your activities for the day
  4. Learn to take calculated risks: It is all about taking chances and seeing what happens; this strategy will help you become more adventurous, open-minded and also help you learn new things each day. You can always make changes in your life or talk to someone if it doesn’t work out the way you want it to be.

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Nobody Controls Your Life

This freedom might be the most important of everything. A life on your own terms is something everybody should want to have at least once in their lifetime. Besides deadlines that need to be met and projects to be finished – most of the time – with this kind of work, you are the one in control. You work on your schedule, not somebody else’s. You earn money based on how much you produce and no one can fire you if they don’t like what you’re doing.

With this way of living, you get to travel more often, live in an affordable place or neighborhood, or save up enough money for a comfortable retirement.

Felling Like a Spy on an Adventure

Being a spy with the ability to speak many languages is something you have always dreamed of. Suddenly one day, you realize that your dream can come true…

In an unknown country, you fearlessly stand up from the bench and walk towards the bus stop. You apply your best strategy before you even buy a ticket as it is necessary for unforeseen circumstances as this time has already been foreseen. In fact, you attend language lessons every week to ensure that your fear does not become fear. You are prepared for fear because fear cannot control this particular situation without knowing how to communicate in foreign countries or where you use a different currency than what you use at home.

Final Words

Moving abroad is not easy; however, it can be one of the most rewarding things that someone will experience in their life. If you fear change, then maybe you need to be fearless and take more risks in your life. To be able to travel abroad takes some preparation, even if you are just moving for a short period of time take still steps to follow to achieve your goals.

The fear of being a stranger in a country is very strong. But having fear doesn’t mean you should cower from getting out there and exploring the city, talking to people, trying their cuisine, etc. By doing this one can learn numerous things from cultures around them.

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