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EE Brand Review 2022 – All to Know About UK Top Mobile Operator


EE has succeeded in establishing a reputation as the top network in the UK. Are there solid reasons for that? Here’s our professional opinion of why.

Basic EE Features

Coverage, reliability, and speed. The operator claims to have the fastest average download speeds in Great Britain, and specifically in London for the past several years. EE has nearly 100% coverage on 3G and 4G, 5G.

4G Internet. Surely, one of the strongest points is its 4G internet. You can receive download speeds up to 90Mb in certain areas.

5G coverage. EE is famous for having UK’s widest 5G coverage than any other network. Tt boasts 5G at an average speed of 43 Mbps, resulting in being faster than some other operators.


Why choose EE Mobile?

Here are the main perks you receive:

  • Fastest 4G in the UK;
  • Excellent 5G;
  • Wide range of plans;
  • A wide selection of handsets;
  • The My EE app;
  • Seamless WiFi calling;
  • Enjoyable shared plans for families;
  • Mobile data boost of up to 50GB;
  • Existing customers’ special offers.

EE Tariffs, Plans, and Contracts

SIM-only.  It brings you 150 GB of mobile data and limitless calls and texts at a price of just £20 a month.

EE Phone contracts. When the latest top phones come out they are usually available, including major names like iPhones, Androids, Samsung Galaxies, and various others on any budget.

PAYG packs. EE has introduced its new Pay As You Go option. Initiating from £5 per month, the PAYG bundles give you a 1-month grant of minutes, texts, data boost up to 500 MB, and 4G.

Roaming. EE’s roaming is split into two plans: Essential and Max plan.


Extras and benefits include:

  • Free BT Sport – Free usage of the BT Sportmobile app for 3 months.
  • Amazon Prime Video– 6 months of Prime Video
  • Free 6 months of Apple Music –6 months’ free subscription is added, and listening to Apple’s Spotify music via the app.
  • 5GB extra data with mobile broadband – Anyone who opts for the company’s broadband packages receives a heavy chunk of extra data and deals such as pocket Wi-Fi, data SIM cards, dongles, and more.
  • Wi-Fi is free of charge on the tube EE’s customers have free usage of the Internet in London Underground.

Our Verdict

With EE being the all-inclusive network with the fastest 4G and 5G in the UK, widest coverage, and tons of plan offers, that would be pretty enough to recommend it. In a nutshell, you get tons of exclusive benefits such as data-sharing Family plans, Amazon Prime, Apple Music, and more.


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