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Crafting with Dried Flowers: Creating Unique Home Decor and Gifts with Pressed Flowers

Dried flowers are not only a beautiful way to preserve a moment in time, but they make for some of the most unique and creative crafts. Crafting with dried flowers allows you to create beautiful home decor and give gifts with a deeper meaning. Whether you’re looking to make wreaths, ornaments or potpourri, this post will offer some tips for shopping supplies and creating the perfect aesthetic to bring the beauty of nature indoors.


It’s important to start by selecting the right dried flowers. You can either dry your own or purchase them online or at your local craft store. Some popular choices include lavender, roses, and hydrangeas. When selecting flowers, it’s important to consider the color scheme you want to use for your project. Take into account the color wheel and the season for inspiration. Once you have your flowers, you can start pressing them. This process involves placing them between the pages of a heavy book or using a flower press. Be sure to let them dry for a few weeks before getting started.


When it comes to wreaths, dried flowers can add a wonderfully rustic feel. Begin by using a wire wreath frame or a grapevine wreath and wrap with twine or ribbon. Next, use floral wire to attach asymmetrical bunches of dried flowers to the wreath. Add some ribbon for a final touch and you have yourself a beautiful piece of wall decor.

If you’re looking to make something smaller, such as an ornament, consider filling clear glass baubles with dried flowers. This creates a beautiful, personalized touch to your Christmas tree or even as a gift to a friend. You can also use these baubles to create a hanging terrarium by adding some moss, rocks, and twine.

Finally, why not create your own potpourri? Not only will it make your home smell heavenly, but it can also add a pretty decorative touch to your living room. Any combination of dried flowers, herbs, and spices can be used to create your own personalized blend. Simply mix together in a pretty jar or bowl and place it where it will be enjoyed by all.


Dried flower crafts are a wonderful way to bring the beauty of nature indoors and create unique, meaningful home decor and gifts. Selecting the right flowers, pressing them properly, and getting creative with your project can lead to an experience that is not only enjoyable, but also rewarding. If you’re looking for quality dried flowers, be sure to check out Prestige Flowers UK for a wide variety of beautiful options. Happy crafting!

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