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Boden UK Special Overview

About Boden UK

Boden was launched as a mail-order clothes company by Johnnie Boden around the 80’s in Britain.
At that time, Boden’s catalogue was hand drawn and featured only eight menswear styles, that actually Johnnie wanted in his own closet (And to order it from home, no less).


Today, after 30 years of growing, adapting, styling, and making a name for it self, Boden is a global company, with that same family vibe. Johnnie value his woman’s that in his life opinion over anything and anyone else!

Boden’s desire is to make clothes that will stay in your closet for a very long time. That means that they put a lot of efforts in their products quality, as well as their style. You can always trust that your Boden’s jacket buttons will never get unbuttoned, and when you buy a cashmere fabric shirt, you can actually wear it comfortably and even wash it freely without worries.



Another aspect that Boden put their efforts at, is of course originality. Whether its their hand-drawn prints, or the fact that they do not cut any corners, attention to details is everything for them.
Johnnie Boden is also working relentlessly to make sure that every one of the factories him company uses respects their workforce like he respects his.

Boden is not about quickly made and quickly fades fashion. It is about making clothes that you will love, for a long, long time!



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