Best Kids’ Fashion Trends For The Coming Fall

plaid 90 kids top shop compare

There is a big nostalgic vibe to a lot of the coming up fall fashion trends for kids. Maybe this retro atmosphere is being strong by our memories of a simpler, safer time, when stylish kids were more concerned with their outfits than with their face masks. And yet, for every old-school outfit that is making a comeback (think Clueless plaids, vintage rock tees) there are new looks to inspire future fashion enthusiastic. Here is to brighter days ahead.

1. Color-Block Coats

Fluffy, warm, and rainbow bright colored, have soften the back-to-school days with a cuddly and beautifully colored outerwear.

kids fashion trends top shop compare

Take A Look: Hatley’s Girls’ A-Line Coat ($79); Kids’ L.L.Bean Down Jacket ($99); Stella McCartney Faux Fur Coat ($203)


2. Cruella Dots

Disney’s fashion style and dogs fantasia was such a success, that a sequel is in development as you read this. But while we wait to find out if Emma Stone will claim her role as the blunt Brit-punk baddie, these Dalmatian dog looks should hit the spot. (We even found dotted sneakers!)

kids dalmatian dotted top shop compare

Take A Look: H&M 2-Piece Sweatshirt Set ($18); Janie and Jack Dot Poplin Shirt ($42; $26);Blowfish Kids Loverli K Sandals ($35; $32); Naturino Flower Mountain Yamano 3 SS21 Sneakers ($77; $55); The Animals Observatory Kangaroo Blouse, Red Dots ($114; $80)


3. Vintage Rock Bands T-Shirts

Your kids probably won’t recognize any of these bands, and may have been born many years after these bands filled stadiums, but they can still very much like the classics. Here is hoping your next road trip playlist just improved sagnificantly.

rock shirts kids top shop compare

Take A Look: Vintage 1980s Journey Tee ($10); Kids Pink Floyd Graphic Tee ($38; $15); Ozzy Osbourne Simple Tee ($44; $22); The Beatles Vintage Portrait T-Shirt ($23)


4. Mom Jeans

TikTok has spoken: Skinny is out; baggy is in! And you know who is very not mad about it? A generation of kids enjoying a roomy denim’s comfort-ability and look. It is time to throw away their older, skinnier leggings. High waists. Wide legs. Always a winner.

moms jeans kids top shop compare

Take A Look: Levi’s Kids High Loose Paperback Jeans ($44; $26); H&M Relaxed Fit High Jeans ($30); ; Boden Girlfriend Jeans Mid-Vintage Denim ($50)


5.Tie Dye

If yours and our kids are anything the same, they spent the quarantine tie-dying every item that they can place their hands on. Well, we have some good news: The summer of love’s signature wears pattern will absolutely dominate this autumn. From rain boots to backpacks to all kinds of hats, there are now a million ways for a hippie to be hippie and shake things up.

tie dye kids top shop compare

Take A Look: Madewell Tie Dye Bucket Hat ($30); Steve Madden JCeeCee Crystal Embellished Sneaker ($60; $40); Lola + The Boys Crop Set ($62)


6. 90’s Plaid

Oversize grungy flannel shackets worn over crop tops and Aaliyah-level low-rise jeans? Check. Cher Horowitz-inspired plaid minis? Cheee-yeck. Thanks to ongoing 90’s nostalgia, your checkered past will live once more.

plaid 90 kids top shop compare

Take A Look: Kids’ Knit Skater Skirt ($29; $19); Kids Flannel Shirt ($35); Nellie Quats Marbles Dress, Hay Plaid Linen ($99); Burberry Kids Headband ($160)


7. Pumpkin Spice Sweats

You can call it the Kanye effect. Matching sets of oversize athlete-leisure in rusty, putty, beige or cocoa are now the official uniform of all under-10 influencers. Cozy autumn leaves-inspired looks: coming soon to a closet near you.

kids sweats top shop compare

Take A Look: Leveret Kids’ Sweatpants ($17); Girls Clementine Youth Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt with Pouch Pocket ($24); H&M 2-Piece Cotton Set in Dark Beige ($35); all the babies Lil’ Sweat Set, Radish ($75; $60)

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