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Alibaba For The Brits

Alibaba.com is a huge marketplace with extremely low prices – so low that it could seem not legit (But it most certainly is!).

So, what is Alibaba actually? Alibaba is first and foremost a marketplace. A marketplace that’s hosting thousands of different sellers and factories, each with different standards of products and quality. That means that we as costumers have to be more cautious with the checks before we make a purchase. Most of the scams are absolutely avoidable with the tools that Alibaba themselves provide.

  1. On-site verification – to ensure that you are dealing with a real factory, Alibaba has an on-site verification process – They will send agents to the factory address that is listed by the seller to confirm that the factory is actually there and the business is legit.
  2.  Supplier assessment – a third party company will inspect the business and factory, and will provide more detailed report regarding the seller’s business (even photos and videos of the factory)
  3. Trade assurance – an essential tool for any cautious buyer. Deal with suppliers that offers Trade Assurance, this might be the most important tip we can give you, because with that Trade Assurance your money won’t go through to the seller unless you mark the products as ‘Arrived’.
  4. Transactions History – although it is not an indication of quality, you can go with the ‘masses wisdom’ and be a bit more assured when you see that the seller have sold this product for thousands of costumers and it is ranks high enough.
  5. Goods Certifications – when importing certain products, you will need a certification to get them in to the UK. Before you place your order, make sure (Ask for proof) that the seller have the right certifications or else your products will stop at Customs.

So, what there is to buy from Alibaba.com ?

Iphone Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you are planning to buy an iPhone, then do not forget to have a good quality tempered glass on it. To protect your phone’s screen from accidental damage and scratches, this tempered glass is going to work best. You must be wondering what is special about this one. Well, this one is unique because of its uncommon features that you will not find in every tempered glass.

Iphone Tempered Glass Screen Protector


USB Cables

As per my own experience, Apple chargers are precious and need to be taken care of like a baby. You must go for this USB cable that has a tinned copper conductor and also comes in various colors. In this cable, you get a multi-length choice for charging.

USB Cables (Type C, various lengths)


Bluetooth Earphones

You do not have to worry about cuts in the wire as it is in a braided form that keeps it safe and secured for a very long time. Many times, USB cables get stuck, and cut marks make their life shorter. To avoid that, get this 1M USB cable right away at an affordable price and enjoy charging without facing any issue.

Bluetooth Earphones – Metal magnet style


Let us know which Alibaba product is your best and why in the comments below!

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