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5 Tips for Balancing Your Hormones This Season


The holidays are a time of joy and happiness, but they can also be a time of stress. For many people, the added stress can throw their hormones out of balance. If you’re feeling overwhelmed this season, don’t worry – we have five tips to help you restore balance and feel your best!

Tip #1: Pay Attention to Your Hormones

When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol, a hormone that is often referred to as the “stress hormone.” Cortisol regulates blood pressure, heart rate, and immune system function. However, when there’s too much cortisol in your body for an extended period of time (like during an especially stressful holiday season), it can have negative effects on your health. One way to help restore balance is by paying attention to what makes you feel good and what stresses you out this time of year.

Tip #2: Exercise According to Your Cycle

Exercising is a great way to reduce stress and keep your hormones in balance. Not only does exercise help you physically, but it can also be mentally relaxing. When selecting an exercise routine, try to find something that you enjoy and is appropriate to your cycle – whether it’s swimming, walking, biking, or Zumba! By participating in activities that make you happy, you’re more likely to stick with them long-term – and that’s sure to have positive effects on your overall health and well-being.

Tip #3: Eat More Veggies

Include a variety of vegetables in your diet, especially those from the brassica family. These veggies are great for supporting liver function and flushing out excess estrogen, which can help to reduce hormonal fluctuations and keep your skin looking glowing. You can even incorporate vegetables into desserts, such as my beet cupcakes with chocolate frosting! Try adding chopped veggies to your favorite casseroles or dips. Some favorites include broccoli and cauliflower in a white bean dip. We recommend adding women’s supplements that will help your hormone system work properly.


Tip #4: Get Enough Sleep

If you’re not getting enough sleep this season (or any time of year for that matter) your body will produce more cortisol than necessary – which can lead to feelings of stress! To get a good night’s rest on those cold winter nights make sure you have warm blankets and cozy pajamas handy; it might also help if there are no electronics in sight before bedtime so as not to distract from relaxation efforts. If you have problems with sleeping try adding relaxation supplements to your diet.

Tip #5: Cut the Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that temporarily increases our hormones, adrenalin, and cortisol. This is not good for your hormones as it throws them out of balance and reduces the production of hormones like melatonin (the sleep hormone) which keeps you sleepy in the afternoon. That’s why you get an energy boost when drinking coffee, but also a crash and burn afterward. Caffeine is also linked to increasing hormones like testosterone which can make you feel more masculine as well as increase your body fat around the gut area.

Hormones play a huge role in our cycles, and by keeping tabs on them we can work to keep our hormones in balance. This is crucial for overall health and vitality! We hope these tips will help you stay healthy and balanced this holiday season! If you feel like you need additional support during this time, don’t hesitate to reach out to a healthcare professional. If you are in a search of the best vitamins to support your immune system, look no further than Myvitamins. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy а joyous summer season!

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