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5 Strategies That Will Keep You in Shape While Traveling


If you want to keep in shape while traveling, strategy is key. To have a strategy planned ahead of time so there was no possible way to fail. It’s almost impossible to travel and stay in shape without having a strategy. But what is strategy? It means that you have some sort of strategy before traveling which helps keep you on track with your fitness goals. If you want some help, check out our 5 strategies to stay in shape while traveling.

So you travel a lot. That’s great. Although it can be tempting to drink, party, and eat everything in sight while traveling, it’s important to keep in mind my own personal fitness goals before setting off on any journey. And you know what also helps?

1. Stay Active

You get to experience the world in all its diversity and splendor, meet lots of people and cultures, and develop yourself as a person is easier when you travel than when you stay in one place for too long.

But travel can also be pretty exhausting if you don’t keep your body in shape. We are not saying that travel is an excuse not to properly train for life or general fitness. But it helps to know what you expose yourself to by traveling around so that you don’t harm yourself by making mistakes out of ignorance.

If you have any upcoming travel coming up, plan your training accordingly. If travel is for longer than two weeks, train 1–2 times per week so that your muscles don’t turn to feces but you still maintain your current physique.


2. Stick to Day-to-Day Dietary Structure for Travel

Taking care of your health is also important. Traveling often disturbs your regular eating pattern which makes it even harder to keep a healthy process. When traveling it’s easy to just go with the flow, order some food at a restaurant or buy something from a street vendor without really taking into account how dramatically these changes in eating habits will affect your diet. But there are some simple steps you can take to keep yourself on track while enjoying travel.

The best thing to do is stick as closely as possible to your normal meal pattern when traveling around the world on holiday or business travel. This might be tough if you are staying in hotels that have buffet breakfasts and dinners but try your best to eat what you would normally eat on a daily basis.

So while traveling make sure that my menu is rich in vegetables, fish, and meat to stay fit and active while traveling. Of course, you can’t escape some extra calories but make sure they don’t come from fat content that will damage your shape rather than help it!

Keep in shape travel rules:

– always eat breakfast every morning (5 hours before weight training) – this will give you enough energy for the whole day without snacking too much between meals; eat breakfast in the hotel – it’s either that, skip meals, or eat junk food for breakfast. Add as much proteins as you can to your breakfast.

– do not substitute a meal at the local restaurant with a drink & chips from a bar while standing around. Always take an actual meal if you can, even if it means eating while walking on the street; keep in shape travel tip: never travel on business more than once a week.

3. Get a Guesthouse/Airbnb/Hotel with a Kitchen

However, as travel has become increasingly eco-friendly and travelers more conscious, experts now suggest opting for something different: Airbnb (or similar) or ‘guest houses’.

Among other things, this means eating healthy and staying fit while traveling! For breakfast, there are always oats with fruits and cottage cheese/Greek yogurt at home. Many healthy breakfast ideas also come to mind: fruit salad with oatmeal topped.

For travel, room selection is critical to having good food. Food that makes you feel better and not worse. You can get food poisoning in all the world’s countries. For travel, try for a hotel with a kitchenette or kitchen; cook your own food. The guesthouse or Airbnb alternative also has advantages – you get more space at less cost than the standard hotel room.

4. Portable Foods and Snacks Help

Traveling should never be an excuse for poor eating. So pack physique-friendly portable meals and snacks such as protein bars, high-protein sandwiches, trail mix, fruits, and so on.

A high-protein bar is an excellent snack for travel. Look for one with whole foods, no artificial sugars or sweeteners, and it’s just about guaranteed to travel well. Check Bulk shop to find the best options. A protein bar is just another kind of chocolate bar covered in chocolate goo. Have a few fruits with you. All of a sudden you have a pretty nutritious, high-protein, calorie-friendly meal.

You can travel wherever you want, but your diet still matters and this is probably the most important point in this article. If you travel and don’t plan beforehand, there’s a high chance that you’ll eat whatever happens to be sold at the place where you happen to be staying/visiting/staying for travel. Plan as much ahead of time as you can so that you don’t end up eating out too often. It’s easy to get caught up in local restaurants so having a few snacks will help you stay on track.


5. Choose Training Location in Advance

Traveling every day affects your training routine. If you plan your travel times efficiently based on where the best workout facilities are located, you will be able to get workouts done even when on the road or out of town without having to forego your health and fitness goals just because you’re traveling.

When travel planning usually hotels are one of the first things you think about. Choose a hotel with a gym. Pick the training location in advance, especially if travel will be more than 2 weeks. In addition to travel fatigue, your muscles will adapt by losing mass and power this amount of time. You can pick a place to stay near the gym as well! It is easy to go back to old habits once travel ends and muscle memory takes over – this way you won’t have to deal with it at all! So choose the hotel with a gym and pick the training location in advance!  Don’t let travel affect your workout schedule!  Do not wait until you get there and find out they have crappy equipment or no weights at all.

We hope that you enjoyed our 5 friendly traveling tips to stay fit while traveling. Which of those have you been practicing before? If you want your travel help you stay in shape, you should travel with a company that provides you fitness or gym services. If you travel to Mexico or Madrid, we highly recommend you checking out GrupoXcaret ES and Blue Sea Hotels ES hotels. You will receive the world class service, and your gym will be included, so you can say fit during your travel. Check them out today!




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