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5 Reasons Your Makeup Look Is Not Working


The days where a women could only dream of her makeup to look like a movie star without having to spend hundreds of pounds to a professional makeup artists are gone. Now we have professional artists and self proclaimed gurus at our fingertips, with the help of Youtube and other social media. Unfortunately, after watching many videos, buying all the recommended high end, low end and dupe versions of the makeups, along with the right brushes that Morphe, Mac and Sephora sells, our makeup job can turn out looking like we got beat up, which is definitely not a very good look. 

At one point in my life, I suffered from each and every problem on the following list, until I got it right – after attending to aesthetics school and learning about all of the proper skin care. Following every step from your favorite Youtube or social media makeup artist will not get you that instagram baddie look you want so much if your skin is not treated right. While quickly applying makeup over bad or unattended skin may be tempting to try, I would strongly advise against it.

Here are five skin issues that are holding you back from makeup greatness:

Oily Skin

Oily skin can affect how long your makeup actually lasts greatly. What seem to look good before you go out the house, has a potential to look like an oil slick 30 minutes into that Netflix and chill. To treat oily skin, be sure to exfoliate your skin at least once a week to remove any dead skin cells that are laying on the surface of your skin and causing it to produce even more oil. Bentonite clay masks once a week can also help to absorb that excess oil, in addition to wearing proper a moisturizer. A good softener lotion and primer before you put on your makeup can also does the trick. Finally, always apply powder after you are finished with your makeup to set it all in place, and prevent an oily meltdowns some time way into your night.

Dead Skin

Dead skin is a huge makeup issue. Flakes and dead skin cells on the surface of your face skin can look horrendous under your makeup. Your makeup will look bad and unsmooth and no amount of moisturizer or foundation will be able to cover it successfully. Do yourself a big favor – exfoliate your skin girl! Get a good exfoliating brush and get rid yourself of that dead skin cells. Investing in a moisturizer that is good for your skin type is also important for having smooth, and flake free skin. If you have excessive dead skin seeing an esthetician or cosmetician, and buying a microdermabrasion treatment will make your skin silky smooth, leaving a clean and ready surface for your makeup. Remember also to apply moisturizer before your makeup application, always.


Colored women tend to be more exposed to discolorations, especially to a dark pigmented discolorations. If you have discoloration due to scarring, ingrown hairs, dark circles, or just certain areas where your skin appears darker, it can often be visible even after you apply your makeup. Vitamins A, K and E works great for correcting skin discoloration, seeing a licenced dermatologist can also help with this issue.

If know you’ve seen the miracle the science of dermatology and how it did good for fixing the skin for your friends, it can happen to you too! But, if you can’t get to a dermatologist office just yet, color-correcting concealers can do a very nice job for hiding discoloration in makeup. Orange hues typically works great when covering the under-eye circles, and other hyperpigmentation.


Dehydrated skin can be a big fuss. Dehydrated skin can be caused from wrong product use, excessive consumption of alcohol, lack of water, excessive product use and more – the list goes on. Dehydrated skin can make your face skin feel both oily and dry at the same time and cause dry areas, that can be a makeup nightmare. The good news is that unlike the dry or oily skin issues, dehydrated skin is mostly be caused by something wrong that we are doing. So cut the liquor, add more fresh water, fruits and veggies to your diet, and only use products that are designed and created for your skin type and follow the recommended usage of each product.

Problematic Skin

Problematic skin is referred to acne prone, eczema, psoriasis, and other dermatitis skin conditions and issues. These can be a lost cause when it comes to makeup application. Sometimes makeup can make these issues even worse. If your skin is going through a breakout of any kind and these issues, avoiding makeup during this time is best. But, if you feel the need to wear it anyway, taking care of your skin first can make a huge difference. Applying aloe vera gel and vitamin E will soothe your skin so it’s not inflamed, itchy or red, when wearing the makeup. A cold compresses will also help to calm the situation. Be sure to gently wash your skin and apply a very gentle product that is designed for your specific needs before applying makeup.


Makeup can enhance your look greatly when applied properly. But, a clean, well-managed skin will overcome any makeup look from a ‘0’ to a ’10’ effortlessly. Remember, every artist needs a clean smooth surface to create their masterpiece.

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