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5 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Life (and Skin)

The New Year is typically a time to reset. Many resolve to lose weight, travel more often and commit to many other goals. But if achieving clearer, more youthful-looking skin is at the top of your list, there’s nothing more important than keeping your entire body in its healthiest state possible. Here are three resolutions you can make to keep your body—and skin—in tip-top shape this year.


1. Cut back on sugar and alcohol.


The holidays are often full of celebrations. Unfortunately, all that celebrating takes a toll on your skin. Simply put, overconsumption of sugar and alcohol is dehydrating, causes inflammation and can lead to breakouts and premature aging. In addition to containing a lot of sugar, drinking any type of alcohol prevents your body’s production of vasopressin, the important hormone that helps your body retain water and contracts blood vessels. Some people might notice their faces flushing more when they consume alcohol because the body’s water retention is limited and the blood vessels in our faces are dilated, allowing an increased rate of blood flow.


2. Get more quality sleep.


This time of year can also force us to choose between festivities and a good night’s sleep. Not only can a lack of sleep leave us with dark circles and bags under our eyes, poor sleep can have more dramatic effects, such as intensified skin reactions. Inadequate sleep also causes the body to produce more of the stress hormone cortisol. Elevated cortisol levels decrease moisture retention, initiate inflammation in the body and suppress the immune system. This excess cortisol causes a variety of negative skin issues:


    • increased likelihood of acne breakouts


    • worsened immune-related skin disorders, such as psoriasis and eczema


    • degraded collagen


    • increased wrinkling and dryness


But it’s not just the amount of sleep that can affect skin health; the quality of sleep is also important. When the body enters into the deep sleep phase, it triggers growth hormones to help the body repair itself. While you sleep, your growth hormones accelerate, collagen production is increased and skin goes into a renewal phase. If the body doesn’t go into this repair mode, damaged cells can accumulate, causing skin to age faster. So, not getting enough sleep actually ages your skin.


3. Quit smoking.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013 more than 42 million Americans still smoked cigarettes. This is even with the worldwide knowledge that tobacco use causes more than 6 million deaths a year. Not only the diseases that are directly linked to tobacco use are an issue — cigarette smoking also wreaks havoc on the skin. Smoking contributes to poor wound healing, collagen degradation, abnormal skin growths, oral cancers, deep wrinkling and premature skin aging as well as a dull, sallow appearance.


4.Take care of your skin.

Taking care of your skin should be a priority if you want to have beautiful, glowing skin. This means investing in products that are suitable for your skin type and providing the necessary care on a daily basis. That includes Taking care of your skin is essential to achieve clear, youthful-looking skin. There are plenty of products available that cater to different skin types and needs, but it’s important to choose the ones that suit your skin. Here are some products that are generally good for the skin:

  • Cleansers: It is crucial to start with a clean slate when it comes to skincare. Using a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser helps remove dirt, grime, and makeup residue from your face, unclog pores, and prevent breakouts.
  • Exfoliants: Exfoliating is the best way to get rid of dead skin cells and promote skin renewal. It helps improve texture, tone, and clarity by polishing away dullness and revealing brighter, smoother skin.
  • Moisturizers: Keeping your skin hydrated is crucial to maintain its softness, elasticity, and radiance. Moisturizers that contain humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid help attract and retain water in your skin.
  • Sunscreens: Protecting your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation is the most important step in preventing premature aging, dark spots, and skin cancer. Always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every day, even on cloudy days, and reapply every two hours if you’re exposed to sun for a long time.
  • Serums: If you want to target specific skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, or acne, serums are the way to go. Serums are concentrated formulas that deliver active ingredients deep into your skin and work quickly to produce visible results.

5. Manage Stress

Stress can be an overlooked factor when it comes to skin health, but it has a huge impact. Stress causes the body to produce more cortisol, which affects your hormones and can lead to breakouts and accelerated aging. To manage stress levels and improve your overall wellbeing, practice relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation, get plenty of rest, and try to find healthy outlets such as exercise or creative hobbies. Taking these steps will help you maintain a balanced lifestyle and have a positive effect on your skin health.

There are many factors that can influence the health of your skin. By following these tips, you can keep your skin looking youthful, vibrant, and healthy. Keep in mind that these tips are not a one-time thing — they should be integrated into an overall skincare routine to ensure best results. Visit Dermstore US for products that will help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution. With the right habits, you can maintain youthful skin for years to come.

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